hello, I am

I am a female startup founder building a great product for women.

I’ve been testing Womala for 1 year with my partner before taking the leap. Then the moment of a change arrived. I cleaned up my financial structure, left my attic from Barcelona, reduced my belongings to a couple of bags and started to be lean like a kite. I am a  non-technical founder but I managed to learn enough of the technical side to build our first MVP.


I write about my thoughts, decisions, experiments and travels.

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.” 
― Anaïs Nin

Our vision is to have a positive impact on millions of women with our health fitness app

At Womala, I enjoy talking my customers and building a great journey for them.

We pursue offer an online pelvic floor test and we personalize exercises’ programs to maintain and improve pelvic floor health in different moments of life: young women, pregnant, post-childbirth , mothers and menopausia.
As a practitioner of the Lean Startup method, I am focused on iterating our MVP, doing Customer Development and just building on learning-by-doing cycles. I believe that focus and customer centric are key, so we put all our efforts, time and passion on building this.

I am a Lean Startup trainer for entrepreneurs

I founded Startup Bang Bang, an accelerating training program for startups and accelerators.

As a 3-workshops program for startups, it combines business tools to validate ideas at the early stage of a startup. It gives entrepreneurs the basic tools and mindset to start their path using the Lean startup and Customer Development methods. 

The main take away of these 3 lessons is to know how to build the first MVP avoiding waste and taking customer validation seriously.  

The program has been performed 17 editions in which I trained more than 200 entrepreneurs.

I am passionate about the growth of startup communities

I am volunteer at the lean startup community of Barcelona since 2012.

I have been the organizer of the Lean Startup Community in Barcelona for over 2 years, growing from 10 to 1700 members. It is actually one of the biggest startup communities in the city. Now that I am building my own project and I have less availability I help to find great speakers for topics like testing, metrics, validation, Customer Development and Growth Hacking. We meet every month. Come any time to meet an awesome crew of enthusiastic and tenacious startup people! – 2012 till now.

Some bits about my past projects

I co-founded health mavericks, a mobile health accelerator project.

With Gary, the main founder of Health Mavericks, we tried to find a sustainable business model so we could build a mobile health accelerator in Barcelona. It has been a great experience while meeting exciting people along the way. If we were able one day to build a financially sustainable business model out of it, we would do it straight away!  Along the way, I was also testing a new idea of my own for a health startup and with an authentic entrepreneur spirit I jumped at the opportunity to see my dream came true – Half 2013 till half 2014.

I built citric dashboard, a free dashboard for accelerators.

In 2013, after a couple of years giving training to entrepreneurs at several accelerators, I started to think about how to help them to manage their portfolio. I came out with the idea of a 1-page dashboard and I draw several prototypes. I tested it with some managers of accelerators and I ended building citric dashboard, which is a refined prototype in paper. I want it to be a free tool that anybody could use, but also be inspired by it to build their own dashboard – 2012 as an aside and non-profit project. Used by my friends at Founder Centric, and inspired to Incubio.